Worship vs. Performance: How I Keep my Perspective in Check

I often wonder how worship leaders draw the line between what is worship and what is a performance. It can be a difficult distinction to make. Because worship is based on a personal response it is almost impossible for people to remain purely objective when evaluating the difference. Over the years I have come up with a list that I use to keep myself in check.

  1. Every time I stand on a stage and people do not see God, I perform.
  2. Every time I make it about excellence over humility, I perform.
  3. Every time I make it about the set, planning or package, I perform.
  4. Every time I make it about anything other than God, I perform.
  5. Every time I question the quality of my presentation, I perform.
  6. Every time I rely on my skills, I perform.

Performing is always about pleasing someone (God, staff, people, ourselves). Worship always happens within a spirit of humility.

The result is not a feeling – it’s an attitude of thankfulness and trust.

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