Worship Observations: What is Your Breaking Point?

A Few Worship Observations

I think most people want to make a good impression in any setting. I know I am that way. Meetings, conferencing, the stage, services, new clients, staff team… I want to be confident, friendly, sincere, kind, strong…etc.

There are aspects of this approach that are good. Confidence leaves people feeling secure. Friendliness creates a bridge with people. Sincerity shows people that you care. You get the idea. These things are great and are usually fairly easy for a leader to demonstrate. But what is underneath? What do I hide most from people? What are the things that I don’t want my team, new clients, fellow leaders, and other to see in me? The answer: My weaknessesMy insecurities

Over the years it became easy to put on a mask of all the things that that I thought people wanted to see in me. It became even easier to take this same approach. Presenting well, transitioning smoothly, emotionally connecting all require planning and structure, but they can also fuel the idea of putting on a mask. The final output of a gathering, service, or meeting would be measured by the success of the performance and not the level of honesty.

It is interesting what it takes to break you into dropping the mask and being real with people.

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