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Creating a Setting that Gets Them to Sing

I’m a firm believer in setting big picture goals and then structuring daily activities around these goals. By putting in the heavy lifting early, all of the little decisions become much easier, because they are effectively made. As worship leaders, we have to make a lot of small decisions relating to liturgy, aesthetics, presentation, etc.…

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Worship Observations: What is Your Breaking Point?

A Few Worship Observations I think most people want to make a good impression in any setting. I know I am that way. Meetings, conferencing, the stage, services, new clients, staff team… I want to be confident, friendly, sincere, kind, strong…etc. There are aspects of this approach that are good. Confidence leaves people feeling secure. Friendliness…

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Worship vs. Performance: How I Keep my Perspective in Check

I often wonder how worship leaders draw the line between what is worship and what is a performance. It can be a difficult distinction to make. Because worship is based on a personal response it is almost impossible for people to remain purely objective when evaluating the difference. Over the years I have come up…

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