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Leading Worship for the Long Haul: 3 Ways to Endure

This month marks my 13th year in ministry. I am frequently overwhelmed with gratefulness that God chose me to lead people to corporately worship Him. Over the past 13 years of voluntary, bi-vocational, and full time ministry, I have learned some truths. First, ministry can be hard on your family, your friendships, and you. Second,…

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Evaluating Worship as a Total Service

At Park Church, we utilize a portion of our staff meeting to evaluate the prior Sunday. While this is probably normal for most churches, we’ve chosen to have a group review of the total service, rather than have individual leaders or departments only evaluate the areas in which they are directly involved. Often this leads…

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4 Ways to Navigate the dualism of pastorship and self development


This is an election year. You know what that means, right? All the “crazies” come out. Candidates, commentators, opinion makers and takers. I don’t mind so much except that often statements are made in public forums that may or may not reflect what a candidate actually feels or thinks about a subject. This lends itself…

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Authentic Worship: 3 Ways to Keep Your Church True to Thyself


Leading authentic worship in a church can feel like a nebulous task without a clear path to success, so its no surprise that when a ministry is successful, they are quickly emulated. It’s certainly wise to learn from the experience of others, but when we are honest with ourselves, I think we tend to do…

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When We Fail to Worship


Let me note right at the beginning that worship can be difficult, and that I struggle with this at times. I am using the term “we” to include myself, so I’m not pointing at anybody here. Now let’s get to it: There are a lot of different expressions and experiences in worship. They are not…

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3 Ways Uphold God’s Glory During Worship


As a Senior Pastor, when God’s people walk in the back doors of the church, their view of God is often not big enough.  When the worship teams begins to play, they aren’t simply making music.  They are beginning to unpack a statement that describes the character of God.  The purpose of corporate singing is…

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