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Tensions in Leadership: Passion and Commitment

Passion and Commitment

Last year, our church expanded our meeting room by eliminating our office space. The expansion meant that the whole room was now off center, so everything had to be moved and/or expanded. Mains, subs, sound booth, stage, backdrops, lights, you name it. Our amp closet was demolished in the expansion, and everything had to be…

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Evaluating Worship as a Total Service

At Park Church, we utilize a portion of our staff meeting to evaluate the prior Sunday. While this is probably normal for most churches, we’ve chosen to have a group review of the total service, rather than have individual leaders or departments only evaluate the areas in which they are directly involved. Often this leads…

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What Volume Level is Right?

Before I was in pastoral ministry, I was a touring musician.  I traveled with a large concert PA system and a “stadium worthy” 1200 watt amp of my own.  I love to play music so loud that it rattles the windows and shakes the platform. There is a raw energy that comes with high volume…

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How to Prevent Burnout: The Ministry Axiom

In my last article, I talked about The Ministry Axiom, a way of thinking about our time and resources that can help cope with burnout. Now, I want to look at the example that Jesus gave for dealing with his “>” followed by practical steps for preventing burnout in your own ministry life: Jesus Stayed…

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Getting Real About Burnout: The Ministry Axiom

Warning: this article contains mathematical concepts that you may have not stumbled across for a long time. Please consult your closest available 6th grade math book to refresh yourself on these symbols: <, =, > before reading any further.   I remember my very first paid ministry position. I had joined the team of a…

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Creating a Setting that Gets Them to Sing


I’m a firm believer in setting big picture goals and then structuring daily activities around these goals. By putting in the heavy lifting early, all of the little decisions become much easier, because they are effectively made. As worship leaders, we have to make a lot of small decisions relating to liturgy, aesthetics, presentation, etc.…

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How to Grow a Sustainable Worship Team


Who among worship leaders is not on the lookout for new players to add to their team? The average size church in America is just south of 100 people, so it comes as no surprise that bands don’t just form all on their own. But there’s a way to build a sustainable worship team, rather…

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Tensions in Leadership: Sunday vs. the Big Picture


Leading a worship ministry often feels like wading out into the ocean. I know what direction I’m trying to go, but like another wave, Sunday rolls around. Getting things ready for Sunday can consume my time, much like a fresh wave erasing the progress that I made wading toward deeper water. If that sounds like…

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The Five Things That Happen When We Worship Together


As a younger Christian I would often attend weekend worship services with an expectation of how I would be able to engage with God in a private way, expressing my heart to Him individually in song, receiving the preaching of the Word with an application specific to my life, and responding to the Holy Spirit…

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Authentic Worship: 3 Ways to Keep Your Church True to Thyself


Leading authentic worship in a church can feel like a nebulous task without a clear path to success, so its no surprise that when a ministry is successful, they are quickly emulated. It’s certainly wise to learn from the experience of others, but when we are honest with ourselves, I think we tend to do…

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5 Ways Songs of Prayer Impact a City


I work with a ministry in Tucson that serves to transform our community by helping unify and mobilize followers of Christ. We believe prayer is the catalyst for transformation, so our hope is to collaborate with local churches on building a culture of prayer in our city. As we’ve been strategizing together how to make…

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3 Ways Uphold God’s Glory During Worship


As a Senior Pastor, when God’s people walk in the back doors of the church, their view of God is often not big enough.  When the worship teams begins to play, they aren’t simply making music.  They are beginning to unpack a statement that describes the character of God.  The purpose of corporate singing is…

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