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One Tip to Make a Volunteer-Driven Service Feel Professional

Throughout my years as a worship leader, I’ve worked with a number of volunteers who were not comfortable on stage, got the shakes, and had little to no experience working with a microphone. Everybody has specific issues to work on, but there is a single common issue I’ve seen, without fail, that every volunteer needs…

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Tensions in Leadership: Passion and Commitment

Passion and Commitment

Last year, our church expanded our meeting room by eliminating our office space. The expansion meant that the whole room was now off center, so everything had to be moved and/or expanded. Mains, subs, sound booth, stage, backdrops, lights, you name it. Our amp closet was demolished in the expansion, and everything had to be…

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Evaluating Worship as a Total Service

At Park Church, we utilize a portion of our staff meeting to evaluate the prior Sunday. While this is probably normal for most churches, we’ve chosen to have a group review of the total service, rather than have individual leaders or departments only evaluate the areas in which they are directly involved. Often this leads…

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Serving the vision, not the person

Recently I met with a sound tech from another church who spoke about having to essentially arrange the music on the fly, because every musician in his church played full range, all the time, without leaving room for anything else in the song. I asked a few follow-up questions, and it became apparent that their worship…

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How to Grow a Sustainable Worship Team


Who among worship leaders is not on the lookout for new players to add to their team? The average size church in America is just south of 100 people, so it comes as no surprise that bands don’t just form all on their own. But there’s a way to build a sustainable worship team, rather…

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Tensions in Leadership: Sunday vs. the Big Picture


Leading a worship ministry often feels like wading out into the ocean. I know what direction I’m trying to go, but like another wave, Sunday rolls around. Getting things ready for Sunday can consume my time, much like a fresh wave erasing the progress that I made wading toward deeper water. If that sounds like…

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How Your Worship Tech Team Leads Worship


I like to tinker and hot rod my gear. My guitars are modified, my amp is pretty heavily modified, and I’m thinking about getting into making my own pedals. When I was primarily a bass player, I looked into building my own speaker cabs from scratch, and did some reading up on enclosure and speaker…

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Worship Observations: What is Your Breaking Point?


A Few Worship Observations I think most people want to make a good impression in any setting. I know I am that way. Meetings, conferencing, the stage, services, new clients, staff team… I want to be confident, friendly, sincere, kind, strong…etc. There are aspects of this approach that are good. Confidence leaves people feeling secure. Friendliness…

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4 Ways to Unify with Your Teaching Pastor


Music can make or break someone’s opinion of a church. As a new worship leader at a brand new church plant, I feel this responsibility. In fact, when I first accepted the position, I experienced both the anxiety of not being sure if I knew what I was doing, and the freedom that comes with no strong traditions or entrenched dogmas. Using experience…

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Learning to Trust Your Worship Leaders


I have a good friend who is one of the most gifted worship leaders I have every had the privilege to work with. He has an amazing ability to connect with people in worship. He is also an amazing example of what it means to be a servant of the Lord. I have learned so…

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