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Leading your People to Sing of God’s Holiness

Holiness is an attribute of God that can be hard to communicate to people. A lot of people would just file this under “always does the right thing” and call it a day. But the truth of God’s Holiness is so much larger than that, overwhelmingly so. Here’s some explanation that I gave recently that…

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The Five Things That Happen When We Worship Together

As a younger Christian I would often attend weekend worship services with an expectation of how I would be able to engage with God in a private way, expressing my heart to Him individually in song, receiving the preaching of the Word with an application specific to my life, and responding to the Holy Spirit…

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Transitioning Worship Style: 3 Key Factors

“Grab a hymnal from the seatback in front of you and turn to #134 – Victory in Jesus.” Those were familiar words to me growing up in church. I was raised on hymns, which to this day still play an important role in my family and our church. But, even back then, some hymns didn’t connect well…

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