3 Ways Uphold God’s Glory During Worship

As a Senior Pastor, when God’s people walk in the back doors of the church, their view of God is often not big enough.  When the worship teams begins to play, they aren’t simply making music.  They are beginning to unpack a statement that describes the character of God.  The purpose of corporate singing is to stir up the hearts of God’s people so they worship their King on the basis of Truth.

As a senior pastor, I see this as a serious task and it’s important to me that the worship leader takes it as seriously as I do.  Every aspect of what the worship team does on the platform is making a profound statement about how they view God.  The worship team’s job is to lead God’s people into an ever increasing wonder and admiration of our King.

The worship team’s attitude, demeanor and actions up front set a tone for not only how people will think about God during the service, but how they will ultimately interact with Him during the course of their week.  Harmony parts and lead line and bands hits should take a back seat to upholding God’s glory during worship.

God’s people tend to direct their lives toward what they think about God, so your church will never grow beyond its idea of what God is like.  When you put words in the mouths of your congregants, you are doing more than just singing songs:  The worship team is teaching God’s people about His attributes.

The things we fill our minds with shape our theology and good theology will develop God’s people into better worshipers.  Here are 3 ways how you, as the worship leader, can serve God’s people and your pastor by making the Glory of God a priority during your corporate worship time.

  1. Take your personal time in the word seriously.  The worship leader influences a part of the overall spiritual growth of the church.  You will not serve your church or your pastor well by ignoring your personal time in the word.  Be more intentional about your personal spiritual growth than you are about getting every chord right and mastering every harmony.
  2. Read scripture like you believe it.  When you open the Word in front of God’s people, your tone influences their view of scripture.  There is nothing worse than someone reading a verse from the platform, into a microphone, with no conviction.  Read the scripture with such zeal that it compels others to sit down with their Bible later in the week to see why you are so excited about it.
  3. Choose your songs carefully.  Every song you pick is implanting true theology or false theology into the hearts and minds of those who are singing.  You serve God’s people well by making sure every line in every song you choose is reflecting an accurate image of the God of the Bible.

One of our most important jobs on Sunday morning is to pull back the curtain to reveal a little bit more truth about the infinite God we serve. A person who has a right image of God will have a firm foundation to stand on as they face the challenges waiting for them later in the week.

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