Christmas 2017 Complete Bundle

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The Christmas 2017 Bundle incorporates all you’ll need to effectively prepare and engage your church for the Christmas season. This includes two Christmas Scripture videos: Matthew 1:20-23 and Isaiah 9:6; three Christmas illustration videos: The Names of Jesus which focuses attention on the names and descriptions of God culminating in the name of Jesus, Light Your Light Shine featuring slow moving, close-up shots of a lit Christmas tree while a child’s voice describes lights over a slow version of “Oh Come Let Us Adore Him” , Names of Jesus extended version; three Christmas 5-minute countdown videos; a variety of Christmas motion backgrounds; a variety of Christmas image stills. Each of these products have been designed to help your church engage this Christmas with a renewed enthusiasm and interest.

Over 3GB worth of church media is included in this bundle.

SKU: BW-2017CB-Complete


Video Illustrations (mini movies)

Let Your Light Shine
Names of Jesus
Names of Jesus (Extended)
Isaiah 9:6
Matthew 1:20-23


Christmas Card Countdown
Christmas Candle Countrdown
Christmas Light Countdown

Motion Backgrounds

Christmas Candle Video Bkgd 1
Christmas Candle Video Bkgd 2
Christmas Lights Video Bkgd 1
Christmas Lights Video Bkgd 2
Christmas Lights Video Bkgd 3

Still Image Backgrounds

Candles_image 02
Christmas Candle Image Bkgd 1
Candles Countdown_v2.00_00_00_00.Still001
Christmas Candle Image Bkgd 2
Christmas Lights Image Bkgd 1
Lights_still 02
Christmas Lights Image Bkgd 2
Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights Image Bkgd 3
Christmas Lights Image Bkgd 4


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