New Podcast Coming July 2016!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Building Worship Podcast, releasing in July of 2016! Each episode will feature about 20 minutes of discussion on a specific topic dealt with by average worship leaders. Our own Mike Bohlmann hosts each week, talking with different worship leaders about how they have experienced and dealt with issues on practical, spiritual, and pastoral levels. Here are some topics that we will be covering as we release:

  • Bi-vocational balance
  • How does a worship leader function as a pastor?
  • Set design on a small budget
  • Attracting and retaining good volunteers
  • Self-care to maintain your spiritual health
  • Planning and budgeting for equipment purchases
  • Transitioning generational worship styles

Be sure not to miss the launch! Sign up here for a launch notice and you’ll be in on Episode 1 (which we promise will be better than Phantom Menace).

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