Learning to Trust Your Worship Leaders

I have a good friend who is one of the most gifted worship leaders I have every had the privilege to work with. He has an amazing ability to connect with people in worship. He is also an amazing example of what it means to be a servant of the Lord. I have learned so much from him as we have served together over the years.

I didn’t always appreciate this individual the way I do now. In fact we had a very difficult time working together at the beginning. The church had brought me on as the worship director and this individual as the program director and part time worship leader. It sounded great on paper, but we never defined anything. I was always stepping on his toes and he was stepping on mine. It created an environment of insecurity and frustration. My friend was growing into an amazing worship leader, but I was holding on so tightly to my “role” that I was oblivious to what God was doing. The tension in the situation just continued to build.

Over the months of tension it brought us to a crossroads in which we both realized that our insecurities and weaknesses were actually the other persons strengths. In that moment I realized that success and failure came down to my willingness to submit to the Lord and to submit to those who had strengths that I didn’t have.

What an amazing transformation in the relationship as well as the ministry. Genuine friendship, team oriented ministry, and more authentic worship both from the stage as well as the congregation… but most importantly… trust.

They say that trust is earned. That was really the case in my situation. Learning to be humble and submit will go a long way in building those critical relationships and leaders in your ministry.

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