At Park Church, we utilize a portion of our staff meeting to evaluate the prior Sunday. While this is probably normal for most churches, we’ve chosen to have a group review of the total service, rather than have individual leaders or departments only evaluate the areas in which they are directly involved. Often this leads to finding out things about the service that I might have missed, or gives me an opportunity to speak into another area with a fresh perspective. The list below is a good starting point, although we never address every single question in a given week. We focus on the few areas that stood out that week, but having the whole list helps keep a culture of improvement for the big picture.

Questions for Evaluating Worship Services

Hospitality & Technical Stuff

Volunteers: Communion, Prayer, Greeting. Did we have enough? How did they do?
Space: How did the building look and feel? Clean? Good temperature? Inviting? Easy to find next steps / Park Kids?
Park Kids: Did we have enough volunteers? Were children cared for? Was the Gospel taught and sung?

Music / Liturgy

Accessible: Did people sing?
Intelligible: Was gospel clearly declared (through song, liturgy, & transitions)?
Engaging: Was gospel experienced (Did we rush too much or linger too long)? Were mind, heart, & bodies engaged? Were transitions engaging?
Excellent: Were all things done with undistracting excellence?
Consistent: Did the worship time feel consistent with Park DNA? Did we pick from our 3 streams & have songs that represent both description & devotion?


Good Stuff: What was the best part of the sermon?
Clarity: Text / Gospel made clear and compelling? Any distractions?
Improvements: What one thing, if changed, would’ve improved the sermon?


Diversity: Good variety of genders / ethnicities represented?
Good Stuff: Anything else to celebrate?
Not So Good Stuff: Any other opportunities missed?

This is a good list for Park Church, and I encourage you to have a list for your own services. Knowing what you value in your church will give you both a reason and a means to improve it.