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Leading your People to Sing of God’s Holiness

Holiness is an attribute of God that can be hard to communicate to people. A lot of people would just file this under “always does the right thing” and call it a day. But the truth of God’s Holiness is so much larger than that, overwhelmingly so. Here’s some explanation that I gave recently that…

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What Volume Level is Right?

Before I was in pastoral ministry, I was a touring musician.  I traveled with a large concert PA system and a “stadium worthy” 1200 watt amp of my own.  I love to play music so loud that it rattles the windows and shakes the platform. There is a raw energy that comes with high volume…

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3 Ways Uphold God’s Glory During Worship

As a Senior Pastor, when God’s people walk in the back doors of the church, their view of God is often not big enough.  When the worship teams begins to play, they aren’t simply making music.  They are beginning to unpack a statement that describes the character of God.  The purpose of corporate singing is…

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