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Today’s church culture can be challenging when the focus of community worship leans towards performance and away from corporal worship. In addition, church leaders are spending more time behind the scenes keeping up with technology, managing volunteers, and attempting to recreate what the church across the street is doing, all while trying to avoid burn-out.

Building Worship was created to help worship leaders and pastors with today’s church culture. We provide resources and encouragement that help foster a sense of church community and assist in cultivating your love for worshiping the Lord.


We provide leaders and pastors with beneficial resources and useful techniques to help authentically bridge the gap between the stage and the congregation. We partner with church leaders to create intimate and transformational connections between worship teams, volunteers, congregations, and the Lord.


We do this by offering resources designed to unify your worship teams and help leaders spend more time creating impactful worship experiences for their congregations. Our goals are:

to EQUIP leaders with effective tools and best practices to motivate their leadership teams and congregations to grow in their walk with the Lord,

to ENCOURAGE the heart of leaders by helping prevent burn-out and strengthening relationships among those who are called to lead others in worship,

to CHALLENGE leaders to create a new culture of transformational worship within their churches, and

to DEVELOP dynamic leaders and pastors who will utilize their unique God-given talents to inspire authentic worship.


Utilizing blogs, videos, podcasts, interviews, and more, Building Worship exists to provide meaningful and influential material for worship leaders and pastors to use in preparing, creating, and inspiring individualized worship experience for churches.


Visit our blog for timely resources written by worship leaders and pastors.
Visit our video library for a wide variety of media content to be used on Sunday and throughout the year.
Contact us with specific questions and/or concerns that other worship leaders and pastors may have experienced.

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